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5 reasons why WOODEN WATCH gifts is ideal for your boyfriend (2019)

5 reasons why WOODEN WATCH gifts is ideal for your boyfriend (2019)

I believe you all know wrist watches are the symbol of elegance and profession, even for men or women. 

Many types of wrist watch has been introduced with advanced technologies for your convenience like sport, electronics, apple, mechanics ... watches

But, in terms of classic and elegant appearance, traditional watch is the must-have jewelry.

At the time there were wooden watches, ideally, add the unique and classic touch. And here are 5 MOST CONVINCED REASONS for investing in a unique timepiece for boyfriend that he will cherish for generations.

#1 Going with style

When a watch is crafted of wood, it is NATURALLY UNIQUEthere will be no two watches constructed of hardwood can ever be the same.

The color, shape, pattern, and width of the grain varies by species of tree, the cut and parts of the wood and the stain accidentally stands in it.

If you plan to get a watch gift for your boyfriend, it is advised you check his favorite color to match the wood type. For example, Ebony and Sandal wood is suitable for type "black and white" boyfriend.

Watch gift for boyfriend will be more valuable with beautiful message engraved on it

Moreover, nature is infinite in its variety, especially when it comes to wood grain. Even if you purchase a wooden product, most designers incorporate multiple parts of the wood in order to create contrast and complement among the components to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden pieces.

#2 Attract environment lover

As a natural resource, wood is completely recyclable compared to metal or plastic. It would be extreme to compare that way, but we’re all living in the eco-world.

Artists use hardwoods or softwoods and even bamboo to create numerous works of art in terms of cabinetry, furniture, sculpture and timepieces.

Who's the champion? Bamboo!! It is actually one of the best choice for crafting watches as it is strong, grows rapidly and generates a lower carbon proportion than most traditional ones. 

Wood grain watch brings the elegance and vintage looks to your boyfriend

In addition, not only it prevents the wasteful disposal of old wood from demolition or destruction, it provides unique stories for each and every watch that artisans make.

Imagine owning a wood watch made from an old sailing ship or yacht materials. Or better, having a watch converted from a farmhouse that was built centuries ago. Interesting right?

#3 None toxic-worrying and chemical free

Having a wrist watch close to the skin on a regular basis means that your skin absorbs whatever lying in the surface, so that

  • Producer ensure the best wood watches of chemical-free and nontoxic materials.
  • Make sure that your contact with a wooden watch does not result in adding harmful side effects to your everyday life.
  • Bonus: It’s also the savior for people who suffer from metal allergies, with wooden watches 100% wooden dial and wooden straps.
  • In return, unfortunately, you must choose the eco-supporter, well-known, friendly stores and have wide understanding about wooden products.

And not just safe, with properly care, wooden wrist watch could last for a decade!

Wooden wrist watch is ideal for Valentine, 1st year or 1st month anniversary gift for your boyfriend

#4 Bleeding edge to the core

Wearing a wood watch on your wrist or as a pocket watch gives you that something extra that so many crave and fail to achieve in terms making a statement or standing out from the crowd.

Have you ever seen someone with a wooden watch on their wrist or as a pocket watch getting you attention or respect? If yes, you’re just like everyone else, falling in love with the nature, CLASSIC AND SIMPLE BEAUTY.

Whether your preferred look is ultra-modern formal or more casual and natural, a wooden watch in the right color tone can perfectly match any outfit. Creating your own style and outstanding friends and colleagues by grabbing one of those wooden watch.

#5 Creative as your own way

How about you honor your boyfriend with a wooden watch's message “Thank you for make my life brighter every day, my champion?". We offer easy and convenience way for you to engraved your own style.

OR, if you are able to utilize the wood from some significant landmark that is meaningful to both of you (the tree you carved your silly nickname in, a park bench where you shared your first kiss, the forest where you travel with only him), you can make a simple anniversary gift he will treasure for a lifetime.

Get a wood grain watch with exactly the tree you were sitting by is so romantic

So which one excites you the most? Do you love the idea of having a creative message for your boyfriend? Or you insist on your men should catching up with the global fashion?

Either way, let me know in the comment section.


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