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What do you get when blend college basketball pro and elegant Instagram influencer? A lifetime love story with lots of fun, tears and laughs, a bunch of interesting family activities that everyone can try at home. Ace family is committing to produce best experience for millions of fans by Vlogging their daily routines, sometime with extraordinary pranks.

The Ace Family together in every of their Vlog

Ace family consists of Catherine Paiz, pro basketball star Austin McBroom, and their daughters, Elle and Alaïa. It was named from the first letters of each member: A for Austin, C for Catherine and E for Elle. They have been attracting and entertaining for more than 15 million subscribers since 2016. Now their vlog has been expanding and became more and more popular to every couples in America now. If you have watched one of The Ace family video, you will keep watching another 10 videos at least.

So what’s the daily story about them that every couples will face in their journey? Keep reading to know the untold truth about this lovely couple and their kids

It was love at first sight for McBroom

McBroom said that he knew he had something special with Paiz right from the very beginning, although he joked that it was Paiz who was immediately smitten. "We met at a little like party dinner thing," he told. "Got there, shook her hand, and she was thinking about me ever since."

After their first date (dinner at Nobu), things started to get serious for McBroom, although it took Paiz a little bit longer to warm up. After their first date, McBroom didn't get so much as a good night hug, let alone a good night kiss. Still, they kept seeing each other and it wasn't long before McBroom confessed his love. Paiz, who was still getting her bearings in the new relationship, "just kind of ignored" the declaration, according to McBroom. "I wasn't used to that to be honest," said Paiz. "I just wasn't used to like, things happening so quick, and things being so real so quick."

Source: Power 106 Los Angeles

How about the girlfriend? Paiz didn't think their relationship would last when they first started dating

While McBroom had deep feelings for Paiz from day one, Paiz was a little bit pessimistic about the future of their relationship. In a YouTube video, the Paiz answered questions from fans. One viewer asked how long Paiz thought their relationship was going to last when she and McBroom started dating.

"Not as long as it has," Paiz replied. "Or that it's going to be. And this is the thing, this is the reason why. It's because when we met, every single relationship leading to that point has always ended. And so my initial thought was it's probably not going to last, just because every other time hasn't. And it was at the point of my life where I was like 'I think I'm going to be single forever.'"

She might live the life of a famous celebrity today, but Paiz's life hasn't always been so glamorous. The YouTube star is no stranger to hard work, and has been working nonstop at a variety of jobs since she was in her teens.

The Ace Family scores thousands of hearts because of their cuteness and togetherness

Why is Paiz so mature at love and life? Paiz has been working since she was 16

"I've been working my whole life," she said in The Ace Family's first YouTube video. "I've always had a job since I was like 16. And I didn't go to college. I moved to China after high school and I was there for quite some time. …I came back and went straight to work. I moved to Miami and I managed a venue, and I worked at a hedge fund, and I've done like so many different things."

Take away for you

The couples has been in ups and downs, but the point is they never leave their hands, try to be together as long as they can. And till today, nothing can do them apart anymore. Is it such a romantic and poetic love story to us?

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