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3 ASTOUNDING CONCLUSIONS of turning problem into Growth and Love

3 ASTOUNDING CONCLUSIONS of turning problem into Growth and Love

In this post I’m going to show you precisely how we conducted our experiment and how it affects what we understanding about Relationship Enhancement, that support hundreds couples go through their hard times, and we believe the likelihood of couple fighting could be reduced of 30%.


Recently, a survey was done in India among married couples to figure out how much arguing affected their relationship. And it turns out that 44% of responders attribute part of their marital success to how much they argue. Surprisingly, they said that fighting MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK helps keep the lines of communication open.

Factors affect heavily couple relationships

And that isn’t all, we have done another survey over 2 years found that couples who argued often and in a peaceful manner were more likely not be separated.

This study followed 79 married couples across the USA. The common thread between the strongest couples is that they argued, and immediately talked openly and honestly about the argument.

As you can see, our experiments are built around the “conflict” and “problem” because we want to prove that not every problem will make the relationship worse, in contrast, it provides a chance for couple to strengthen their connection, have a better understanding about their partners.


First, we emphasize there is a huge difference between fighting and arguing. Fighting is a SERIAL KILLER for any relationships, it allows your emotions to mess itself up.

You gradually turn into a bomb waiting to explode with exhausting conversations

Arguing, in another way is healthy-proved. It get your emotions out on the table. And, frankly, arguments are just part of a relationship that isn’t boring. Sarah Milee, who have been married for 30 years claims.

Number of conflicts in a specific time affects to couple relationship

We do (argue all the time). There are a lot of things we don’t agree on. If we did agree all the time, it would be boring

It will be awkward if someone says that “well, our family never fight about anything, we just agree with every opinion. Some fighting is essential for the health of a relationship. “If you’re not fighting at all, this usually means it’s not safe enough to have differences”.


It’s not easy to argue constructively, but it’s an essential skill, and frankly, not that hard to attain and develop. And as you improve at it, your relationship improves, too. Below, I will lay out some key points you should remember

  • There’s no resentment between partners

If you’re constantly holding it in, there will be resentment. The healthiest way to deal with negative feelings is to get them out in the open! I know many people keep it for themselves (lately turning into a bomb!) believe there will no way to settle for both, but believe me, there will be a solution for your insist seeking.

Couples should be open and straightforward to each other

  • See each other as Equals

I am not talking about knowledge and experience, but a “level playing field”. No one wins if someone is dominant over the other, with fiercely body language, red angry face. And that’s what happens when couples don’t argue. Let’s face it, all people feel the need to stand their ground.

  • Identify, and then tweak, your fighting patterns

It’s not your job interview questioning about “do you prefer team working or independent working?” and you make impression by emphasizing you can deal a great amount of workload alone.

Couples are meant to be, by fate, by destiny and by themselves

Couples who are collaborative are really interested in working as a team, and consequently increasing their intimacy even as an outcome of conflict

  • Learn to really apologize

Apologizing isn’t as simple as saying “I’m sorry”. It does start with your true feelings of guilt. Your apology should be as big as your ego was. But don’t really immediately say sorry when the fight is taking place. Based on surveys, couple agrees with the timing for apology should be a while after so that both of you are cooling off.

Which strategy points would be your get away? Would you focus on how to apologize and settle the problem as soon as possible? Or you believe you put too much dominance on your partner?

Either way, please let me know by leaving a comment here, by which I will know how I can inspire more couples and deliver better solutions for their relationships.


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