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embrace relationships

Motherless person tend to rely more on family love and member connection

3 HUGE IMPACTS on family & love life of the Motherless (Fact Based)

I have made a lot of surveys about this matters, and see what I have discovered about Motherless effect. I also point out solutions to support people who are suffering from it and enhance family love.
What do we learn about couple relationship embracing?

3 ASTOUNDING CONCLUSIONS of turning problem into Growth and Love

I learnt about love and relationship for 5 years, and witnessed thousands of breaking up couples and successful ones. I also provide my experiment and data to help you have closer look in the science of love.
Build healthy and fundamental relationships strategies

3 ACTIONABLE strategies to build rewarding relationships (recommend)

A complete guide for everyone who has been struggling with relationships. I will talk about how can you maintain and enhance these precious connections and live a happier life.
Myth says that a daughter is her father's lover from his past life

3 SUBTLE WAYS you can recognize that Dad loves you

Myth says that "A daughter is her father's lover from his past life" so that the relationship between dad and daughter is so pure, special and lovely. Let's find out about it!
Hold more of family sharing to strengthen the connection

3 ACTIONABLE ACTIVITIES help parenthood develops empathy in children

Sympathy is considered key factor for future success, happiness and fulfillment in life. Your kid should be taught and practice sympathy from the very young age, with these simple 3 tips.
I am happy when I tell you that I love you

2 TRUTHFUL BELIEFS when I tell you that I love you

Is it too soon or too late to tell your partner that you love him/her? Listen to my inner thoughts when I first time told him that I love him, and 2 beliefs I always prioritize.
Marrying your best friend is a new advice ?

4 OBVIOUS TRAITS that I am marrying my BEST FRIEND

Is marrying your best friend something odd and weird or the purest and most beautiful story for you? I can give you the best answer with facts
Love yourself is the best advice when you are suffering

4 SIMPLE STEPS to heal from EMOTIONAL WOUND (research based)

Why emotional pain is so immersive and how can we embrace and deal with such hurtful wound. I learn from my past and other's through surveys and here are 4 simple steps you could follow
true love will treasure each other for life


Fun facts about marriage that you should know and prepare for despite which your love life phase is.
Understand your hubby and know what to expect from him/her


We have so much bonds and relationships in life, and every action you take will affect directly to the person you are facing with, but also remotely to many people. How can we maintain and nurture those relationship with care and love?
Your marriage is the most beautiful and precious thing in your life

5 HELPFUL TIPS that will strengthen your marriage (Updated)

A love story always consists of ups and downs, your emotion will rocket to the moon, or sink to the deepest hole. And the action you take will decide the happiness of you and your spouse in the future with these 5 tips support.
Go over the sadness and live a better life


Sadness is a part of life that everyone have to go through more than one time. But how they take action is the different key. Hereby I show you the ultimate and convenient way to prevent sadness.