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3 HUGE IMPACTS on family & love life of the Motherless (Fact Based)

3 HUGE IMPACTS on family & love life of the Motherless (Fact Based)

In this topic, I will go deep into the real and significant impact of a motherless person was and is suffering due to this missing bond.

In the matter of facts, understanding about this impact have encourage 30% of motherless teenagers in the USA to cope with the loss, they are proven to be happier than before, gain more confidence on themselves and open to friends. Above of all, they treasure their family love with the rest members than before.

Let’s get start to the first point


It’s an experience not anyone expect! They’ll, like forever, not ready to speak about it. It might take months for them to be ready, but at that time, they might become a different version of themselves (usually worse).

They have difficulties in expressing their emotions because of fears and embarrassment because of without mom’s encouragement. Exposing to unhealthy lifestyle since no one is taking care of them anymore.

92% of daughters of single parent homes (motherless or fatherless) are likelier to later end up divorced themselves

They imagine a barrier between them and their friends, or worse, being bullied because of that. Hence, building a distance with others, even with their relatives and best friends. Family love is also in the list.

Motherless person also have problem with develop new relationships because of “being jealous and lacking of commonality”

You cannot expect the family love to grows over one night, it's a journey for life

There are numerous triggers that are upsetting them and experience a persistent grief for years!


As kids and teens, many daughters are too busy with school, later university and college, with many fun activities to focus on. They assume they’ll learn from their moms later. Once the tragedy happens, they don’t find anyone to learn from. And how it significantly makes impact on daughter than son is out of question.

In 1960, 92% of homes were headed by two parent families. Today that percentage is 67%

Biologically speaking, the maternal bond between a mother and her baby normally develops during the pregnancy months. In another words, the mother bonds with her baby far longer than the father. Mother also has bigger influence to the emotional development of kids than his/her dad. If there is a conflict, mom is the mediator. Mother is the essential key to nurture family love.


Hereby, I list down some simple suggestions for motherless person to stay healthfully and encourage others to be supportive to them, following:

  • participate in support groups

Talking with women who’ve also lost their moms and share similar experiences reminds you that you’re not alone. It helps you connect with others, create a sense of belonging and build a support system.

As a supportive friends, you could help to match motherless people easier now, with the help of technology and social media like Facebook.

Join a motherless community to learn and share your tips to bring back family love

  • find a maternal figure

For instance, you might become close with one of your mom’s friends, who are often very similar to your mom. And you might learn more about your mom, she said. “When you’re not able to do that, seek out older females who might help to guide you – almost like a maternal surrogate.”

  • ask motherless person how he/she is doing, and be ready to listen

I’m not suggesting you need to be a therapist for this person. In some cases, they don’t really need a specific solutions. They only need someone to listen so that they can, time to time, build up their confidence and trust to others. One of the most special things you can do for them is encourage them to talk about their moms, about family love. Just watch as their eyes light up!


Now it’s your time!

What would you do if someone you know is motherless? Would you help them to find a similar community? Or you believe there’s a significant solution for this problem and strengthen family love that I have not mentioned yet.

Either way, I would love to hear from you, please leave your comment here.


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