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3 SUBTLE WAYS you can recognize that Dad loves you

3 SUBTLE WAYS you can recognize that Dad loves you

Not all dads are like Danny Tanner from Full House, always smiling and cleaning, talking hear-to-heart with their daughters.

There are many type of parents (dads) in this world, and some just aren’t that fluent about expressing their feelings.

FACT: Song about dad will not about soft, cute and lively, it’s rather deep, peace and thought provoking.

I know your feeling since my dad is the same, undoubtedly one of the coolest and kindest around. I can call my dad a hero. He’s never been one to talk about his feelings, but I can tell how much he loves me through all of the little thoughtful things he does for me.

dad loves you for all what you were, are and will be

He doesn’t dote on you constantly or hold your hand through major life crises (tough love’s his motto), but when he does offer a few words of advice, they’re dead-on… and when he does dote on you, you feel so happy you could burst into a million pieces. All the feels!

This Father’s Day — as you stress out about what to buy for your super hard-to-read dad and end up giving him a gift card again — think about all these sweet ways he shows you he loves you, even though he’s not super emotional.


He’s always trying to do favors for you

If you mention that you're looking into buying a new blender, cellphone, or some other gadget, FACT: he immediately compares prices and finds you the best deal out there, unasked. Whenever you see him, he probably offers to fix things for you, or vacuum out the inside of your car.

Song about dad usually express special feeling and pure love from the daughter or son to him

When my old car broke down, my dad helped me lease a new one within my budget from three states away. Chances are, your dad's also super into helping you out with car troubles.

Give me an inch and I will take a yard! I usually call my dad to complaint about things he will usually doesn’t express sympathy but will take actions to help me. Dad rocks!

He never let you lay hands on anything

FACT: No matter how old you are, when you go out to dinner or to the movies with your dad, he insists on paying for you. After all, you're still his little girl. Nothing is better than spending weekend with your dad.

Or Into your college dorm, your first duplex, a walk-up apartment... he's there figuring which way to turn your couch to get it up the stairs, even if he has a bad back and shouldn't be helping.

If you're completely broke and can't afford your rent one month, he makes an exception. He may not say it, but you're his baby, and that's that.

He treasure you and over-reacting without you noticing

He'd never tell you that he was bragging about you, but when his hunting buddy or the next-door neighbor brings up your job promotion or upcoming marathon, he's totally given away.

dad loves you so that he always want the best for you

FACT: Whether you both love The Velvet Underground, hiking, or Game of Thrones, he'll eagerly call or text you about it. I remember one day he’s working, I called my dad to remind him about the finale seasons of Game of Thrones and he left the office to get the popcorn and watched the film with me.

FACT: Sometimes it’ll be awkward that he ask thousands question about your friends just like a FBI agent, but you should know that because dads love you and want you to experience the best relationships and happier life.

So that, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to give your love to him, I am sure he will burst into tears when hearing you sing a song about dad in his birthday or some important events, or giving him a unique gift that express your love into words.

Your dad makes a great deal of personal sacrifices for the sake of his children. He works hard to provide the right example and do the right things. Always remember to tell him you are proud he is your father.

Which fact describe your dad the most? Leave your comment here!


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