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3 TOP QUALITY leather for crafting engraved wallet (informative)

3 TOP QUALITY leather for crafting engraved wallet (informative)

In this article, I will provide my knowledge about 3 leather types, ranging from the best, the medium and low quality. If you plan to buy a wallet products, I can tell you it is a must read instructions.

In selecting the best types of leather for special service like engraving, it is important to understand the various leather types produced today and their processes. This leather terminology and glossary defines in general terms the various types of grains and their process.

We encourage customers to ask questions first and become familiar with these terms before making any buying decisions.

As most leather product re-sellers today have never themselves tanned hides, you cannot expect them to know the difference either. BUYER BEWARE!!! We are available for free advise whether you are buying our product or otherwise.

Best leather quality to be crafted engraved wallet for husband

#1 Full grain or Top grain leather

This is the upper layer of a hide which is split into layers by a splitting machine to various thickness. This outer layer will show natural scars and hair-cell patterns if left as uncorrected natural grain.

The thickness can vary depending on the gauge set at the time of splitting and the application. Thereafter the hides can be colored & given various protective finishes.

Whether produced for Upholstery, Garment, Shoe or Saddlery, these are the best types of leather as they are the strongest and most durable and valuable layer of hide.

Do you know that it is also called Crazy Horse leather?

Many selection for engravings to my husband wallet

#2 Corrected or Embossed Grain

Hides which have an excessive amount of scratches or scars are further processed by “correcting” the natural grain of a Full Grain skin. After splitting to the required thickness, this natural grain is buffed or sanded and replaced with an embossed grain and finish to simulate various hair cell patterns.

The resulting effect will look flawless with no natural scars showing, but this is no longer the real or natural grain. The original feel or hand of the natural skin and durability is also reduced with a synthetic grain and finish. Many applications for shoe and handbag leather are embossed with unique exotic prints to simulate the look as well. This process is utilized in many Garments and Upholstery while still represented as “full grain leather” which technically it is that layer.

I have once bought an engraved wallet for my husband and the seller introduce this is the best quality of leather, I was naïve back then and get the wallet as soon as possible. But it turned out the quality disturb me because that engraved wallet for my husband looks faded just only 2 months. The engraving “to my husband” wallet hardly be seen after about 4 months.

#3 Split Suede

Many products made of quality leather besides engraving to my husband wallet

The second layer or lower layer of the skin left after removing the Full Grain layer is the Split Suede and will be suede on both sides. These types of leathers also will come in various thickness depending on application.

As this is a byproduct of hide tanning it is less costly and therefore utilized in products where Full Grain is not required such as tool pouches, moccasins, suede garments etc.. This layer of the skin can also be further processed by the application of a synthetic finish and hair cell to one side of the suede to create an artificial look of Full Grain leather, known as “finished split” hide.

This is used extensively in lower cost furniture and garments and represented as “Genuine Leather” which technically it still is although it may look like something it is not.

Hope you have best understanding about each type of leather, how to check the quality and have the best decision for your purchase.


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