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4 MISTAKES mom must recognize when raising little boy (updated)

4 MISTAKES mom must recognize when raising little boy (updated)

Many of these mistakes are actually born of good intentions – in other words, we over-parent, overprotect and just over do it.

So if you still have your little boy at home all the time, it’s not too late to consider what you might tweak in how you’re parenting them. Here are the things you should avoid.

#1 Expecting him to think like you

Your son might (rarely especially motherhood) think like you, but he probably won’t.

Boy’s minds are wired differently than girls, so he’ll come at problems from a different angle. And once he hits early adolescence, he’ll become more guarded about sharing his feelings.

So allow your son to take a different approach to life - whether it’s finding a new way to tackle his homework or choosing the sport he wants to play, or even if you want your little boy haircuts to be shaped and short but he might be want it to be “cool".

It's maybe time for you to try understand more about your little boy, at first, by giving him a special gift that he really desire for a long time.

Your little boy will be so independent out of your thoughts

#2 Setting up too many limitation

Kids really need limitation and be aware or risk. But all little boys have their adventurous guts, strong desire to blaze the trail and we need to allow them to. Let them play with dirt, wandering around the forest, caves, mountains (within your care) as freely as they want.

Don’t set your little boy room ideas, let them think for themselves, perhaps you will receive a fun and unique ideas from them. As they grow older, let them learn household skills like cutting grass, cleaning room, ... Proper place for boundaries in teaching them to assess wisely and evaluate risky situations.

Let your little boy discover the world through their eyes

#3 Letting him get bored unconsciously

Your little boy need activity. Nowadays many parent use digital devices to keep their kids busy, or blame on their lacking of parenting skills and it’s toxic for them. Kids will addict to TV, iPad, ... and it’ll be harder to persuade them do physic activity as they grow old.

You don’t have to be an entertainment or genuine sporty person to encourage him works out. Just give him opportunity to let off steam outside, join with him and his friends. I never see any kids who didn’t want to play with their parents or friend’s parents.

#4 Avoiding the soft stuff

Your son rather play flag football than visiting a museum, watch WWE than discovering channel, it doesn’t mean no need to teach him music, art or reading. Make it a part of his life. Why is that?

Your little boy can be a gifted artist, do you know?

Researchers indicate that art education teaches people that there are multiple options to approach the problem. In turn, it teaches problem solving and the idea that possibilities for any trouble are endless.

This is how, also, the creativity is nurtured. Questioning are part of human nature, and can be nurtured as well. Even your kid looks like a hard-code and a man of culture, still even he will grow up to be an artist or musician. Let them be prepared.

Hope this article shifts how you think for the best of your little boys, that you have better care and understanding to them.


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